The Yellow Go-Rilla Team

Alison Faith

In the early ‘90s after taking on New Kids on the Block as a client, Alison joined the team to set up the European fan club. She responded to the sacks full of fan mail which arrived daily, set up a database, liaised with merchandisers, sent mail outs and ran competitions organising ‘meet and greet’ sessions after the band’s live performances. She continued to help with the administration of the company for many years working with artists such as Lonnie Liston Smith, Robin Kenyatta, Sunny Murray, Chico Hamilton, Lesette Wilson, Makoto Ozone, Norman Connors and Michael Henderson.

Deborah Rowe

Introduced by Dr. George Butler, Deborah had worked as an intern with him at CBS Records, New York. When she returned to London, she helped to organise press and liaise with production companies of the various tours, starting with Hugh Masekela and moving to the Paul Simon Gracelands Tour. After leaving Yellow Go-Rilla she returned to the USA.

Reed Ingram Hadley

He joined Yellow Go-Rilla as a freelance music journalist (Jaris & Associates) and due to his international work, was able to cover many of the events organised by Yellow Go-rilla, interviewing Ronnie Laws, Nancy Wilson, Chico Hamilton, Wayne Henderson and Wilton Felder (of The Crusaders).

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