Ingrid Yates

Joining Yellow Go-Rilla in the early 1980’s, my corporate experience was used to set up the company structure, which had moved from New York to London, England. Initially running the administration and business, I was dropped into live tour management when Hugh Masekela’s tour manager decided to move on with little notice.

Mixing live tour management running the business, I worked primarily with Hugh’s band, culminating in the Paul Simon Gracelands Tour. Going on to work with other bands such as New Kids on the Block, which concluded in a phenomenal worldwide tour, whilst at the same time setting up a large international fan club, I decided to step away from live touring and focus on the business end.

After a break and having returned to school to achieve a post-graduate degree in Human Resources in 2001 at the University of Westminster I forged a career in the corporate world, attending Harvard Business School and continuing to mix corporate and music careers. Now a full partner in Yellow Go-Rilla Productions Ltd., I continue my participation using the corporate world skills to enhance my love of music.

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